Image of Review of educational research volume 86 number 2 june 2016


Review of educational research volume 86 number 2 june 2016

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1. 319 culturally responsive experimental intervention studies: the development of a rubric for paradigm expansion
aydin bal and audrey a. trainor
2. 360 the trans-contextual model of autonomous motivation in education: conceptual and empirical issue and meta-analysis
martin s. hagger and nikos l. d. chatzisarantis
3. 408 teaching children with autism spectrum disorder with restricted interests: a review of evidence for best practice
kerry c. m. gunn and jonathan t. delafield-butt
4. 431 does college teach critical thinking? a meta-analysis
christopher r. huber and nathan r. kuncel
5. 469 a critical review of the model minority myth in selected literature on asian americans and pacific islanders in highter education
oi yan poon, dian squire, corinne kodama, ajani byrd, jason chan, lester manzono, sara furr, and devita bishundat
6. 503 a systematic review of school-based social-emotional interventions for refugee and war-traumatized youth
amanda l. sullivan and gregory r. simonson
6. 531 systematic review of key leader practices found to influence student achievement: a unified framework
dallas hambrick hitt and pamela d. tucker
7. 570 the relationship between component skills and writing quality and production across developmental levels: a meta-analysis of the last 25 years
shawn c. kent and jeanne wanzek
7. 602 motivation interventions in education: a meta-analytic review
rory a. lazowski and chris s. hulleman


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